Catch fence system, reinforced, including transport frame

Catch fence system, reinforced, including transport frame

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Catch fence system, reinforced, including transport frame

Protects against extensive pollution of the environment in the vicinity of landfills, recycling centers, recycling facilities and sorting facilities. Foils, paper, cardboard and light residues that can be distributed by the winch are stopped by the nets. This prevents it from spreading in the immediate vicinity. This safety fence protects up to a height of 5m or 6m. The nets are produced in the high Dr. THIEL quality, made with surrounding cord.

- Reinforced design with guaranteed stability up to wind speeds of 120 km / h, including transport frame for easier moving
- quick & easy assembly
- Height 5m or 6m selectable
- Unlimited length
- Individual customer requests, such as the type of nets and mesh size, can be implemented

The safety fence systems can be equipped with different synthetic fiber nets from 20 to 45mm MW, to a certain extent an installation of close-meshed, air-permeable fabrics (e.g. our item no. 99250) is also possible.

Note: Price basis for 50 m length | Please enquire separately for longer or shorter lengths.

Scope of delivery depending on design and size or height:

- tripods for mobile systems (posts for stationary systems)
- synthetic fiber net according to customer requirements, made up with edge cord
- steel cable for tensioning the nets above and below
- ground anchors (for mobile systems) to fix the tripods and the lower steel cable for hanging the net
- small parts for net and rope attachment, such as rope clamps, rope locks, snap hooks, cable ties

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