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VDI zertifizierte Ladungssicherung

Tarpaulins in heat-resistant materials, in all sizes.

Heat resistant tarpaulins

Heat resistant tarpaulin covers

Heat resistant covers are offered by Dr. THIEL in different versions and with different coatings. So there is the classic and proven, robust jute fibre tarp, as a lightweight and heavy variant. In addition, we offer heat-resistant canvas tarpaulins and silicone coated tarpaulins, so that bitumen does not stick. The tarpaulins are ideal for covering and transporting bitumen.

Heat-resistant tarpaulins in standard sizes and custom-made

heat resistant tarpaulins by Dr. THIEL GmbH is available in many standard sizes for trucks transporting bitumen. In addition, very individual dimensions can be entered. We manufacture heat-resistant jute tarpaulins, canvas tarpaulins and silicone-coated tarpaulins according to width and length. Made to measure heat resistant tarpaulins can be ordered immediately.

Heat-resistant covers - Standard-compliant load securing according to VDI 2700, sheet 3.3

All heat-resistant covers for the transport of bitumen are standard-compliant load securing according to VDI 2700, sheet 3.3.