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Our history

It has been more than 155 years since Emil Thiel, great-great-grandfather of today's company owner Florian Thiel, founded a "current goods trade" in Vienna. Initially engaged in the manufacture and sale of insoles, he laid the foundation for today's Dr. THIEL® GmbH.
About Leipzig, the company finally came to Bad Sulza in Thuringia, which is still legal headquarters today. After hard years as a private enterprise in the GDR, finally, the expropriation in 1972 followed. With the fall of the wall, the company was reprivatized and then moved to Hinterhermsdorf in Saxony. There insoles are still produced today by the company Christa Thiel.
In search of new ideas, Dr. Johannes Wolfgang Thiel founded the Dr. Thiel Umwelttechnik GmbH from a section in 1995, registered as a registered trademark today Thiel ® GmbH. Initially active in landfill construction, the focus shifted more and more to cover tarpaulins and cover nets over the years.
Meanwhile, more and more products are offered in the assortment load securing, here you could well-known customers, for example. gain from the automotive industry. With almost 23 years of experience in these segments and more than 17,000 satisfied customers, today, with more than 35 employees, load securing equipment of any kind is produced and distributed throughout Europe at the modern Apolda production site.
Company chronicle 1862 to 2017
July 28, 1862 "Currentwarenhandel" founded by Emil Thiel & Partner in Vienna (Austria). Distribution of felt, felt caps and other practical things of daily life.
1866 Family moved to Lößnitz (Germany, Saxony).
1870 Foundation of a Filzwarenfabrikation by Ernst Emil Thiel together with his father Johannes Christian Thiel in Leipzig (Germany, Saxony).
1887 Foundation of Thiel & Kaufmann in Leipzig.
1889 Frequent spa stays Emils arrange for the relocation of the company headquarters from Leipzig to Bad Sulza. His son John leads until 1913 henceforth the business.
1914 During the First World War, the wife of Johannes, Rosa Thiel, took over the management of the company until 1919.
1919 End of the First World War, takeover of the management by Walter Alexander Thiel.
At the beginning of the 20s Walter Alexander Thiel expanded the production site in Bad Sulza to include two production buildings for the production of beer felt and 92 different insoles.
1943 Women's lace, consisting of the great-grandmother Else and the great-aunt Elisabeth of today's owner Florian Thiel. The two ladies lead the company successfully through the war until 1945.
1945 End of World War II, founding of Thiel KG and takeover of the company by Johannes Herrmann Thiel. Together with his sister Elisabeth he now directed their destinies.
By February 1968, the operation maintained by tenacious effort, its independence to 100%, but now follow first state holdings.
16 May 1972 Forced expropriation by the government of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR). Renamed to "State-owned enterprise (VEB) shoe insoles Bad Sulza". Elisabeth and Johannes, great-aunt and grandfather of Florian Thiel, remained managing directors.
In 1986, the mother of Florian Thiel, Christa, found employment in the VEB as plant manager. The company, meanwhile, was part of the VEB "Schuhfabrik Paul Schäfer" Erfurt.
December 1989 Application for re-privatization of the former VEB shoe insoles Bad Sulza.
Since 1991 management by Dr. Johannes Wolfgang Thiel, father of Florian Thiel.
In 1993, the re-privatization of the mandatory permanent establishment in Bad Sulza and the purchase of a second establishment in Hinterhermsdorf (Saxony) succeeded.
February 1995 Foundation of Dr.Thiel Environmental Technology GmbH.
1998 first own Webshop (B2B) goes online.
2004 Opening of the new production facility of Dr. Thiel Umwelttechnik GmbH in Apolda-Heusdorf (Thuringia).
2012 Opening of a new production hall at the Apolda-Heusdorf location.
January 2013 Appointment Florian Thiels as second managing director.
May 2013 Registration of the brand Dr. Ing. THIEL® GmbH into the Patent and Trademark Office.
2017 Successful generation change, Florian Thiel becomes Managing Director and takes over the management of Dr. THIEL® GmbH, Dr. Johannes Wolfgang Thiel remains in the management.