Certified after VDI 2700 - Sheet 3.3

DEKRA certified

Trailer net 30/3 with rubber rope

Trailer net 30/3 with rubber rope

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Trailer net 30/3 with rubber rope
This high-strength mesh made of polypropylene fabric is a high-tear-resistant cargo cover for open car trailers. Due to its soft structure, the net can easily adapt to the cargo on the trailer. . Our trailer net is of course awarded with the DEKRA certificate for cargo coverage. You get the trailer net complete with rubber cord for easy attachment. We make this trailer net in blue, black or green color according to your size specifications, so that it is suitable as a cover on any car trailer. can be ordered in standard sizes for car trailers.
Production also in special sizes (per square meter)

Material: PP | polypropylene 
Characteristics: 100% recyclable, high-strength, tear-resistant, soft structure, good adaptation to the load
UV radiation: stable
Mesh Type: knitted (without knots)
Net cord thickness Ø: 3 mm
Mesh size: 30 mm
Surrounding cord: Yes
Edge cord Ø: 8 mm
Color: black, blue, green
Rubber cord: Yes
Rubber cord Ø: 6 mm
Certification: DEKRA, based on VDI 2700 sheet 3.3
Production: Germany

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