Staircase Safety Nets Barrier stair-rail 45/3

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Staircase Safety Nets Barrier stair-rail 45/3

The Dr. THIEL safety nets for staircase is made with heavier-grade fabric weatherproof material which comes with a strong hold and neat look, it is resistant to be pulled and tore. The reinforced edges and stitching for increased stability and hold. Weather resistant washable mesh for outdoor and indoor use. Keep safe your kids with a barrier net!

Material: PP | polypropylene 
Characteristics: 100% recyclable, high strength, slightly elastic, soft structure
UV radiation: stable up to 300 kLy
Mesh Type: knitted (without knots)
Net cord thickness Ø: 3 mm
Mesh size: 45 mm
Surrounding cord: Yes
Edge cord Ø: 8 mm
Color: Black, Blue, Green, White
Rubber cord: as desired
Rubber cord thickness Ø: 6 mm
Breaking strength: 5100 | 870 N
Temperature resistance: -30 ° C to +70 ° C
Certification: DEKRA
Production: Germany


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