Special purpose vintage car tarp historical | DKW Munga Kübelwagen 700g /m²

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Special purpose vintage carplane historical vehicle | DKW Munga SUV Kübelwagen Auto Union BW Bundeswehr Jeep | PVC waterproof 700g/m² 
The variant shows you another special application of our custom-made saddlery.
The pictures show a bronze green special PVC tarpaulin, which we made for a middle of the 50's produced DKW Munga SUVs (multipurpose universal four-wheel drive SUV), this was about a sensible combination of the most original look and appearance, combined with practicality. The high quality PVC, in RAL 6031 bronce green (BW Bundeswehr), is very sturdy 700g / m² (basis weight). Two other peculiarities of the material are the burning behavior and the temperature resistance. The afterburn time is less than 2 seconds, i. It is flame retardant and it withstands temperature fluctuations between -40 ° C / + 80 ° C.
The shape of the tarpaulin itself was a challenge, the details are more in line with the usual standard today. The newly manufactured roof tarpaulin is like the original soft top, quickly removable, individually adjustable and durable.
For such custom-made products, we always have an open ear and try to fulfill the wishes of our customers as accurately as possible. Connected to our high safety and quality standard.
  • DKW Munga SUV Kübelwagen Auto Union BW Bundeswehr, PVC tarpaulin in bronze green
  • Bundeswehrplane according to equipment guideline BW-TL 8305-0253
  • Use of the original lifting points
  • as true to the original appearance as possible
  • very high quality standards



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