Special production historic vehicles and technology | Army field car HF1

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Special production historic vehicles and technology | Army field car HF1 (field vehicle of the German army WK)
The variant shows you another custom made from our saddlery.
The pictures show a light army field car HF1 of the Wehrmacht of which there are probably only a few complete copies. Although the classic canvas tarpaulin, sand-colored and impregnated, does not meet the exact (probably) field-gray hue, its form and finish are as close as possible to the original. In the process, talent for improvisation was necessary, as even the historical photos did not show any exact execution, form and attachment of the tarpaulin. So together with the historically experienced owner, who transported the car from the Brandenburg area to us, we made a replica as exact as possible. Note that even the original tarpaulin seals could be used for the oval eyelets. The desired patina certainly receives the tarpaulin through one or the other "after-treatment".
For such custom-made products, we always have an open ear and try to fulfill the wishes of our customers as accurately as possible. Connected to our high safety and quality standard. Who can say that he has installed a tarpaulin according to the latest VDI 2700 Sheet 3.3 guideline on his 90-year-old classic car?


  • Army car HF1, field vehicle of the German army, sand-colored, natural material
  • Use of the original lifting points
  • as true to the original appearance as possible
  • modern quality standards


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