Rubber rope expander cord tarpaulins nets Ø 4, 6, 8, 10, 12mm | by meter

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Our UV-stable rubber rope made of natural rubber (up to 300 kLy)
The rubber rope with a diameter of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12mm is suitable for clamping small or large tarpaulins and nets. Mostly our rugged tarpaulins and nets last longer than the rubber rope. Therefore you have with the tailor-made expander rope the possibility to equip your already in use tarpaulins or nets with new rope. You save money and can use the tarpaulins longer. The 4-12mm rubber rope is also suitable for bracing small things in the vehicle interior or on the roof of the car, because it is very flexible and yet high-strength.
You can make this product yourself with spiral hooks and rope clamps and make your own plan tensioners with double hooks or with a spiral hook as a rubber loop.
The delivery of the meter goods is 100% neutral, that is without logo (branding). Thus, this product is also suitable for resale.
Our expander rope is extremely abrasion-resistant thanks to its sturdy PE multifilament fine-mesh sheath. The well-known "A lost tarpaulin on the A4 motorway in the amount of ..." - Messages are a thing of the past with our rubber rope. Through our more than 20 years of experience, mainly in the hard everyday use in the container or disposal sector, we can offer you a highly developed product. Not comparable to cheap import items. For example, our 8mm expander rope only breaks when comparable products on the market with 10mm diameter have long since given up "the spirit".
PP sheathing is less scrub-resistant, PES braids are less stretchy, so you will find the optimum, made of polyethylene sheath and extremely stretchable 100% natural rubber core for your specific use.
Our coils, whether 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm rubber rope, are always exactly 100m long. They are spooled unwinded, so you have more of the product. Even with the diameter, there are no deviations, tolerances of +/- 10% of the diameter, as usual with our competitors, there is not with our expander rope. We appreciate this as a manufacturer of tarpaulins, because the installation in up to 8m long tarpaulins succeeds perfectly, without any intermediate break. Many meters, without the rope imposed several times or the knot formation due to enormous tension of the jacket clogs the eyelets.
Item no. 70205 for 4mm diameter
Item no. 70201 for 6mm diameter
Item no. 70202 for 8mm diameter
Item no. 70203 for 10mm diameter
Item no. 70204 for 12mm diameter

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