Rail for curtains | Side protection | room dividers

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Rail for curtains | Side protection | room dividers

In addition to our Wire Rope Mounting Set (Part No. 999bs) for curtain systems, we now offer these high quality rails. Combine whether as a single guide rail or two parallel running as a double guide rail.

You can easily order the required running meters for your desired curtain system, whether for our weather protection, side protection, room partitioning, welding curtain, sidewalls for carports and pergolas, summer and winter curtains.

Optionally, you will receive suitable rollers, coupling sleeves or rail holders.

Tip: Position vertical rails with the aid of a spirit level. For example, measure horizontal rails with the aid of a perforated angle.

  • rail for curtains
  • Steel, galvanized, color silver
  • Width * Height: 24 * 25mm
  • Thickness 1.4mm
  • Opening 8mm
  • Weight: 1kg / m
  • also circular arcs possible
  • Shipping in maximum 200cm pieces, optional xxl-length shipping

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