Certified after VDI 2700 - Sheet 3.3

PVC tarpaulin, flat tarpaulin, roof tarpaulin, stage tarpaulin 630g /m² 8x10m, with eyelets

PVC tarpaulin, flat tarpaulin, roof tarpaulin, stage tarpaulin 630g /m² 8x10m, with eyelets

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Standard waterproof stable tarpaulin PVC 630g/m²

The Dr. THIEL flat tarpaulin out of PVC for waterproof covering. This comes with heat welded hems and eyelets every 400mm. With its grammage of 630g/m² it is of the same quality as truck tarpaulins and therefore very robust and reliable. Furthermore, even large sizes are possible and welded.

Since the gray is an eco-color, the coloration of the PVC fabric may be slightly lighter or darker from delivery to delivery. The other colors, however, always have the same color. The tarpaulin quality is based on the basis weight of the truck tarpaulins (630g / m²). This makes our building plans made of PVC fabric durable, robust and reliable. It can also be used as a cover in outdoor areas in a variety of ways. You can purchase the PVC tarpaulin in the offered standard sizes, individual special sizes, with or without rubber rope. We also offer a 900g / m² version of this gray tarpaulin.

For all technical textiles, there may be marginal color differences depending on the batch. Our colors are based on the RAL fans as follows:
Blue: similar to ultramarine blue RAL 5002
Yellow: similar to traffic yellow RAL 1023
Gray: similar to light gray RAL 7035
Green: similar to opal green RAL 6026
Red: similar carmine red RAL 3002
Orange: similar to deep orange RAL 2011
Eco-friendly: variable
Black: similar deep black RAL 9005
White: similar to pure white RAL 9010

Characteristics: dimensionally stable, waterproof, durable, robust, tear-resistant, universally applicable, truck tarpaulin quality
Surface: coated with PVC
UV radiation: stable up to 600 kLy
Basis weight: 630 g / m²
Material thickness: Info follows
Color: carmine red, deep orange, pure white, traffic yellow, opal green, ultramarine blue, jet black, light gray, eco gray
Rubber cord: as desired
Rubber rope thickness Ø: 8 mm (up to 7 m tarpaulin length) | 10 mm (from 7 m tarpaulin length)
Hem: Yes
Hem sides: circumferential
Hem width: on average approx. 70 mm
Eyelets: Yes
Type of eyelets: round eyelets
Ø eyelets: 16 mm
Eyelet spacing: approx. Every 400 mm
Tensile strength: approx. 2000/2000 N
Tear strength: approx. 200/150 N
Temperature resistance: -40 ° C to +70 ° C
Adhesive strength: 15 N / cm
Burning behavior: ISO 3795 approx. 100 mm / min
Certification: based on VDI 2700 sheet 3.3
Production: Germany

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