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PP platform cover net 100/6, coarse mesh 2.7x2.5m black

PP platform cover net 100/6, coarse mesh 2.7x2.5m black

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Flatbed cover net 100/6 coarse mesh
The sturdy cover net, especially for flatbed vehicles such as trucks or 3.5 t transporters, with a large mesh size of 10 cm is recommended for the transport cover of extensive load, as it occurs especially with small businesses and craftsmen. From the masonry bucket to the additional wheelbarrow fixation to ladders or individual, smaller tools on the loading platform - this PP net finds its use as an adaptable additional cargo cover for a wide variety of loads.

The polypropylene (PP) flatbed cover net is available in two different colors and in four standard sizes, specially adapted to the dimensions of the flatbeds. In addition, we also offer special dimensions for special or individual vehicles and their platform sizes.
What standard size fits your flatbed? Basically we recommend flatbed + 50cm. That means:  220x300cm of loadloor size corresponds to net size 270x350cm. The "oversize" can simply be folded in and the net can be installed into the cord. You do not need an expander rope.

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