Certified after VDI 2700 - Sheet 3.3

Light waterproof tarpaulin cover PP 400g /m²

Light waterproof tarpaulin cover PP 400g /m²

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Light waterproof tarpaulin cover PP 400g/m²

Light, rather stiff PP cover as waterproof alternative for cargo securing. Very durable, robust and reliable cover for containers. Also suitable for covering of woodpiles, outdoor furniture or swimming pools. Maximum web width up to 2,70 m. That means up to 2.7m in width without seam = 100% waterproof. This skips cover has a very good lifetime under normal conditions.

Material: PP
Characteristics: waterproof, not air permeable, light, rather stiff, inherently stable, not stretchable,
low dead weight
UV radiation: resistance | 500 kLy
Fabric Type:
PP-flat fabric, coated
Basis weight: 400 g / m²
Material thickness: Info follows
Color: translucent material

Rubber rope: as desired
Rubber rope thickness Ø: 8 mm (up to 7 m tarpaulin length) | 10 mm (from 7 m tarpaulin length)
Hem: Yes | The padded hem reduces tearing of the eyelets.
Hem sides: circumferential
Hem width: on average approx. 70 mm
Eyelets: Yes
Eyelet type: round eyelets
Ø eyelets: 16 mm
Eyelet spacing: approx. Every 400 mm
Certification: DEKRA, based on VDI 2700 sheet 3.3
Production: Germany


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