Certified after VDI 2700 - Sheet 3.3

DEKRA certified

Flatbed net PP knitted mesh 45/3 with edge cord

Flatbed net PP knitted mesh 45/3 with edge cord

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Platform cover net PP knitted fine mesh with edge cord for flatbed vehicles
45/3 = mesh 45 mm / diameter cord 3 mm
By popular request of our customers there is now this fine-meshed net as an alternative to our popular coarse-meshed flatbed net. This cover net is pleasantly close meshed with 45mm and thus prevents too fast hanging in tools, ladders or small parts.
It is suitable for all those who cover mainly smaller fractions and thus have problems with hanging or snagging of the mesh net on the cargo. The 4 standard sizes are based on the standard flatbed dimensions of the 3.5 ton vans class with long or short wheelbase, single or double cab. In addition to the 4 standards offered, the flatbed net can of course also be ordered in special sizes according to your wishes and ideas. Available in the colors green and black, our fine-meshed net is naturally equipped with a DEKRA certificate.

Material: PP | polypropylene
Characteristics: 100% recyclable, high strength, slightly elastic
UV radiation: stable up to 300 kLy
Mesh Type: knitted (without knots)
Net cord thickness Ø: 3 mm
Mesh size: 45 mm
Edge cord: Yes
Rankordelstärke Ø: 8 mm
Color: black, blue, green
Rubber cord: as desired
Rubber cord thickness Ø: 6 mm
Breaking strength: 5100 | 870 N
Temperature resistance: -30 ° C to +70 ° C
Certification: DEKRA
Production: Germany


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