Custom made roof tarp classic car tractor | Lanz Eilbulldog

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Custom made tractor tarpaulin | Cover tarp classic car tractor | Lanz Eilbulldog | Canvas 550g / m²

We would like to introduce a very special work here. This Lanz Eilbulldog, built in 1949, achieved very high prices on the collector's market and therefore the quality and the right material were of primary importance for the completion of a contemporary soft top. The owner opted for classic cotton canvas in the 550g / m² version (item # 99800), impregnated, olive tone. A total of 17 working hours with countless adaptation attempts stuck in the convertible top, finally, he should fit perfectly. Equipped with leather straps and oval eyelets with screw-fasteners for fastening, the top made of durable canvas material is now good again for decades. If you as a customer want to do a similar job, please keep in mind that this does not work exclusively with a sketch and or template. For such a complex saddle work, we definitely need the vehicle on site. Incidentally, this Lanz came on the road to us, at -3 degrees, sleet and even without hood, just as it was earlier.

Characteristics: firm, heat-resistant, anti-fouling, hard-wearing, tear-resistant, insulating, only adaptable to the vehicle
Surface: impregnated
UV radiation: stable
Features: leather straps, special staples, oval eyelets and screw caps, viewing window | different versions can be implemented
Basis weight: 550 g / m²
Material thickness: Info follows
Color: olive green
Temperature resistance: up to 180 ° C
Production: Germany


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