Certified after VDI 2700 - Sheet 3.3

DEKRA certified

Air permeable tarpaulin with reinforced borders 250g /m² containers skips

Air permeable tarpaulin with reinforced borders 250g /m² containers skips

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Air permeable tarpaulin with reinforced borders 250g/m² for containers and skips

This PE tarpaulin was developed by us especially for covering goods in used, sharp-edged or battered containers. Due to its all-round reinforcement over a width of approx. 40cm, this cover tarpaulin rests on the frequently damaged container edges with double material thickness and thus prevents premature abrasion of the PE monofilament fabric. At the same time, the monofilament tarpaulin with a weight of ​​only 250 g / m² is particularly light and easy to operate even by only one person when overing or uncovering. The smooth structure of the PE monofilament prevents snagging in the secured cargo.

Available options of the air-permeable fabric tarpaulin with edge reinforcement are the standard sizes for containers, with or without rubber rope. You can also specify an individual size for this durable container tarpaulin. By default, the tarpaulin has eyelets every 40cm and is available in blue, gray, green, black or red.

The edge enhancement is usually performed in a contrasting color. If you do not want this, indicate the color you want during the ordering process.

Material: PE | polyethylene
Characteristics: flynet, high-strength, stiff, stable, abrasion-resistant, smooth structure, permeable to air
UV radiation: stable
Equipment: circumferential edge reinforcement in contrasting color approx. 400 mm wide
Fabric Type: Monofilament fabric
Basis weight: 250 g / m²
Material thickness: Info follows
Color: Blue, Gray, Green, Red, Black
Rubber rope: as desired
Rubber rope thickness Ø: 8 mm (up to 7 m tarpaulin length) | 10 mm (from 7 m tarpaulin length)
Hem: Yes | The padded hem reduces tearing of the eyelets.
Hem sides: circumferential
Hem width: on average approx. 70 mm
Eyelets: Yes
Type of eyelets: round eyelets
Ø eyelets: 16 mm
Eyelet spacing: approx. Every 400 mm
Certification: DEKRA, based on VDI 2700 sheet 3.3
Production: Germany


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