flatbed tarps

flatbed tarps

Tarpaulins made of waterproof or breathable materials for all flatbed models, in all sizes.

Order tailor-made tarpaulins for your flatbed vehicle

Hard-wearing and durable flatbed tarpaulins with different attributes are suitable for securing small parts and loose cargo on the loading area. Dr. THIEL is a manufacturer with years of experience in manufacturing extremely durable and customized load securing tarpaulins.

Specialist for flatbed tarpaulins

You can order cover tarpaulins according to your own specifications from the specialist for tarpaulins and nets. This makes it possible to cover every loading area with every tarpaulin material. Dr. THIEL Flatbed tarpaulins are extremely tear-resistant, durable and hard-wearing.

We are happy to produce your cover tarpaulin for vehicles with box bodies and in special shapes.

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