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Soft air permeable knitted fabric 220g /m² for mini containers & mini skips | small container

Soft air permeable knitted fabric 220g /m² for mini containers & mini skips | small container

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Soft air permeable knitted fabric 220g/m² for mini containers & mini skips | small container

The PE monofilament fabric is characterized by high stability and at the same time soft structure. The execution of the PE fabric as a so-called loop fabric allows a relatively high density of material at a basis weight of only 220g / m². Because of these characteristics, we recommend this monofilament tarpaulin for load securing for all those goods where a form-fitting adaptation of the tarpaulin is necessary or needed. Another advantage of this fabric cover is the soft structure, which makes it easier for the driver or user, especially in winter at low temperatures, to fold and stow the tarpaulin. Available in the colors green, red, black or blue, this cover is available in seven sizes for standard containers as well as special sizes for all common applications, with or without rubber rope for attachment to the container. The fabric is universally applicable, whether demolition, scrap, bulk or green waste transport.
The tarpaulins are perfect for Multicar, Dautel, Hansa, Hako, Kramer Tremo, UX 100, Trenkle, Boki, Ladog, Spila, Holder, Bucher, Unimog, Multihog, Mitsubishi Canter and Jotha.

The standard sizes are suitable for mini skips with a volume of 1 m³; 1.30 m³; 2 m³; 2.50 m³; 3 m³ & 4 m³.


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