Sandpit cover with chain sandbox water-permeable PE 230-320g/m²

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Sandbox Cover with Link Chain Sandbox Playground Tarpaulin Fabric Cover.

This product is made of our classic PE ribbon fabric with 230 g/m² & 320 g/m² basis weight and is available in many colors.

The material is very robust, UV resistant and durable. It is suitable to protect sandboxes against weather, dirt and e.g. leaves. At the same time, the material is permeable to air to prevent the sand from molding. The link chain incorporated into the hemstitch has a diameter of 6 mm, a link length of 36 mm and weighs down the tarpaulin with an additional approx. 750 g/running meter of circumference. The link chain is galvanized and thus offers significantly increased corrosion protection.

The chain ensures that the fabric tarpaulin does not fly away even in stronger winds. It also eliminates the need for cumbersome tensioning with rubber cord and tensioning hooks. In case of stronger winds we recommend to fix the corners of the cover with ground anchors or (tent) pegs. This tarpaulin is also suitable for covering larger areas, such as tennis courts or beach volleyball fields. You can order this article exclusively as a freely configurable special size.
Furthermore, due to its material flexibility, this product is ideal for sandbox situations with posts, e.g. as with play towers, post sandboxes and sun protection posts. If you need cut-outs in the tarpaulin, please ask us for them with a sketch. 

Please ask for special shapes with sketch.
Order information:
The colors black, ivory, yellow, beige, silver, dark grey & dark green are available with 230 g/m² basis weight.
The colors terracotta, light blue and red are available with 320 g/m² instead of 230 g/m² grammage.

Material: PE | polyethylene
Characteristics: breathable, durable, rot-resistant, permeable to water, breathable, protection against contamination (cat & dog excrement, leaves, branches, garbage)
UV radiation: stable up to 300 kLy
Equipment: all-round hemstitch with integrated link chain (zinc-plated steel) Ø 6 mm, length 36 mm, cut-outs at the corners
Fabric Type: Ribbon fabric
Weight per unit area: 230 or 320 g / m² + 750 g / lfd. M. chain
Material thickness: 1000 μm
Color: Beige, Yellow, Red, Ivory, Terracotta, Light Blue, Dark Gray, Black, Silver, Dark Green
Rubber cord: standard without
Hem: Yes | hemstitch
Hem sides: circumferential
Hem width: on average approx. 70 mm
Eyelets: standard without
Tensile strength: 1500 | 475 N / 5 cm
Temperature resistance: -40 ° C to +80 ° C
Production: Germany


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