Sandpit net cover with chain sandbox PP 30/3

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Sandbox net with link chain sandpit playground net Plastic net 30/3
The product consists of our weatherproof synthetic fiber net PP with a 30mm mesh and is available in three colors.
The cover net primarily protects against contamination by animal fecal matter from dogs, cats, martens and raccoons. Secondarily, the sand becomes contaminated, e.g. protected by branches, leaves and garbage. The net structure allows a constant ventilation of the sand and thus prevents the formation of mold.
The circular chain incorporated in the hemstitch has a diameter of 6mm, a chain link length of 36mm and complains the net with an additional 750g per running meter circumference. This dead weight ensures that the protective net stays taut on position and thus does not cause an inspection by animals. In addition, eliminating the annoying distortion with rubber rope and tension hooks.
> No assembly necessary.
> No waterlogging.
> Very easy to use.
> Not accessible for animals.
> UV rays additionally sterilize the sand.

The size is calculated from length * width, whereby a supernatant or an overlap must be added. For example, if the sandpit has a height of 155x155cm and a height of 33cm, we recommend the measure 155 + 2x 33cm per side, so 221x221cm. If the sandbox is embedded in the ground, add at least 20cm per side, so in our example 195x195cm tarpaulin size.
Please ask for special shapes with sketch.

Material: PP | polypropylene

Characteristics: 100% recyclable, high-strength, easily stretchable, versatile
Equipment: all-round hemstitch with integrated link chain (zinc-plated steel) Ø 6 mm, length 36 mm, cut-outs at the corners
UV radiation: stable up to 300 kLy
Mesh Type: knitted (without knots)
Net cord thickness Ø: 3 mm
Mesh size: 30 mm
Surrounding cord: Yes
Edge cord Ø: 8 mm
Color: black, blue, green
Rubber cord: as desired
Rubber cord Ø: 6 mm
Tensile strength: 7600 N
Temperature resistance: -30 ° C to +70 ° C
Certification: DEKRA
Production: Germany


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