Round wood tarpaulin with link chain waterproof cover 220g /m²

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Waterproof covering of wood

Simple, sturdy HDPE tarpaulin ideal for covering wood and logs. This cover tarpaulin for covering stacks of wood is light, yet a very sturdy tarpaulin and 100% waterproof.
The standard cover is waterproof only to a certain extent. This means that the raw material is only 1,90 m wide and therefore for covers of this width seams are unavoidable. These seams are not 100 per cent waterproof.

Round HDPE tarpaulin for covering stored wood
With its fully integrated link chain, this round flat cover is suitable for covering wood, logs, stacks of wood in the garden and much more. We manufacture this tarpaulin in the specified standard sizes, as well as custom made, according to your own specifications of the diameter. The waterproof cover tarpaulin is not equipped with eyelets.

Cheap tarpaulin wood cover - order directly from the manufacturer

This HDPE wood tarpaulin tarpaulin is available in olive green and is an inexpensive alternative to PVC or lightweight HDPE. Especially due to its low fabric weight of only 220g/m², the tarpaulin can also be handled by one person and is suitable for covering standing objects. For comparison of weights: usual DIY or import qualities have a basis weight of 80-150g /m².

Weight of the cover: 3m diameter 10kg; 3.5m diameter 12kg; 4m diameter 14kg; 4.5m diameter 16kg

Fixing the cover on the wood rental
Due to the integrated chain and the high weight, the cover can be better fixed on the wood rental. In 4 places, the plane is recessed. Here, the cover is connected to the 4 additional 1.5m long chains and the included 8 snap hooks on the optionally available ground anchors. Due to the 1.5m long chains, the tarpaulin "grows and shrinks" with the timber rental.

We recommend for a wood rental with 3m diameter to use the standard size 4m. This results in a 50cm overhang that keeps the wood dry.
Material: HDPE | High density polyethylene
Characteristic: hardwearing, robust, conditionally waterproof, round
Surface: coated
UV radiation: stabilized
Equipment: all-round link chain, 4 x recess with 1500 mm chain for attachment, 8 snap hooks
Optional equipment: 4 x 450 mm ground anchor
Basis weight: 220 g / m²
Material thickness: Info follows
Color: olive green
Rubber cord: standard without
Hem: Yes, with integrated link chain
Eyelets: standard without
Watertightness: up to Ø 1,90 m 100%, conditionally waterproof above Ø 1,90 m (due to connecting seams)
Production: Germany


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