Protective cover light protection IBC tank drum container protective hood 230 g / m²

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High quality protective cover light protection IBC tank barrel container protective hood 230 g / m²

Suitable for a 1000 litre drum with the dimensions: Height 1.15m / Width 1.00 m / Depth 1.20 m
To prevent the formation of algae in IBC containers, Dr. THIEL is now offering an IBC protective cover with cutouts for the lid and outlet tap. The optimal light protection cover for your barrel!
Customers who use an intermediate bulk container, or IBC for short, as a water tank for rainwater, know the problem of algae formation. The algae contaminate the collected rainwater and form a greasy layer (biofilm) in it. The use as drinking water, for example for farm animals and pets, is then unsuitable, as this can lead to considerable health problems.
> Reduces the supply of light, sunlight and thus photosynthesis
> Reduces algae formation
> Reduces the clogging of the outlet tap
> Reduces constant cleaning of the tank

Material: HDPE | High density polyethylene
Dimensions: Height 1.15m | Width 1.00 m | Depth 1.20 m
Characteristic: hard-wearing, robust, tear-resistant, air-permeable, water-repellent
Furnishing: Hole / recess for lid on the top, access / cutout for tap on the lower edge, recesses sewn to prevent tearing
UV radiation: stable up to 300 kLy
Tissue type: Ribbon fabric
Basis weight: 230 g / m²
Material thickness: 1000 µm
Colour: beige, yellow, red, ivory, orange, brown, dark blue, light blue, dark gray, black, silver, dark green
Hem: Yes, at the lower edge | The hem, reinforced with inserts, reduces the tearing of the eyelets.
Hem sides: all 4 sides
Hem width: on average approx. 70 mm
Tear force: 1500 | 475 N / 5 cm
Temperature resistance: -40 ° C to +80 ° C
Shading value: from 69 to 97% | depending on the color
Production: Germany



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