Shur-Co Euro Cover fully automatic tarpaulin system skip trucks

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The ShurCo EuroCover automatic system can be installed on any standard skip loader and trailer. The system is easy to adapt for european bodies and has been thoroughly tested by customers. The results were consistently positive.
In addition, we are able to offer all on the US or British website ShurCo offered tarpaulin systems and adapt to German vehicles or for German traffic, if necessary. 


> Fully automatic electrical system for skip loaders
> Tarpaulin is rolled up transversely to the direction of travel
> On towing vehicle and trailer to install
Scope of delivery:
> Complete system with installation material
> Air-permeable tarpaulin (heat-resistant available for a surcharge)
> Clamping and fixing accessories
> Installation Guide

> Tarpaulin is opened and closed transversely to the direction of travel
> Function similar to a window roller blind
> On towing vehicle and Trailer to install
> To fit all makes of skip vehicle and will cover all standard sizes of skip bin
> Heaped load capabilities
> Ensure virtually zero “blow out” from the bin
> Color: Black
> Install in as little as 8 labour hours
> No need for a spill board housing
> Light weight system
> Complies with “All Vehicle Type Approval” regulations

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