Curtain winter side protection heavy jute fabric 450g /m²

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Side protection winter, heavy jute fabric 450g/m² curtain summer | winter

The curtain / side protection for the winter consists of the natural fabric jute in 450g quality and has heat-insulating, as well as insulating properties. The material is also breathable and this ensures a comfortable room temperature. Use our side protection in your premises, in garages, behind gates or equal. The jute curtain is customised for you, just specify the area to be imposed in height and width, we produce the curtain then about 1.5x wider, so that it hangs in the desired shape and visually unobtrusive to the Environment adjusts. You get the side protection made of jute finished with seam and eyelets.

For fixing you can lead a steel cable through the eyelets. Usually we offer 6 and 8mm steel cable, incl. the clamping devices. You can order these attachment kits online or contact us.

When ordering please specify only the extent of the area to be covered, we add the necessary rest.
  • Side protection curtain / room divider for winter use    
  • Jute fabric, heavy quality
  • Heat resistance up to 260 ° C
  • permeable to air, insulating
  • Fabric weight: 450 g / m²
  • With seam and eyelets at the top (D = 16mm round eyelets, galvanized)
  • Fabrication according to your specifications


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